A true partner that can bring added value

Optinova delivers products that meet superior quality demands.

High product quality is a result of robust, scalable, and automated production processes.

The 40+ years’ worth of experience: Many skilled and experienced engineers and scientists have gathered invaluable knowledge about extrusion. Optinova´s quality is a well-known gold standard.

A constant curiosity to learn more is steaming and Optinova is continuously investing in R&D. The whole R&D department follow partner-centric agile processes and have their own dedicated extrusion lines, as well as materials and extrusion experts. This allows Optinova to be a flexible innovation partner, with the capacity for rapid prototyping as a service or in combination with in-depth development projects, where our open-minded engineers together with your experts creates the customized solution needed to succeed in the market.

Do not hesitate to contact Optinova, we would be happy to hear from you!