We have a winner! - Optinova's Customer of the Year Award 2020

Optinova Key Customer Attributes - Customer of the Year Award

As an effort to promote Optinova’s #feelgoodfactory values to our customers, every year we give out the Customer of the Year Award. To qualify for the award, a customer must show great alignment with Optinova’s key customer attributes (see picture). The attributes are critical to nurture a meaningful and fruitful collaboration, allowing Optinova and customers to achieve the greater purpose: Increasing the quality of everyday life with advanced tubing.

During the Day of the Future, we proudly present the winners of the Customer of the Year Award 2020 for both the medical and industrial busines lines. The winners not only exhibit Optinova’s key attributes, but they also set new standards for which Optinovians aspire to be better in daily business activities. In 2020, we present the Customer of the Year Award to:

  • A medical manufacturer based in India who increases the quality of everyday life through highquality, high-precision syringes and needles, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd., and
  • A component manufacturer based in Taiwan who increases the quality of everyday life through a wide portfolio of automotive hoses and metal fittings.

As recipients of the award, they were asked to nominate a good-cause organization that shares common interests and values with both Optinova and themselves. As a prize for the award, Optinova makes a donation on behalf of the winners to said organizations to support their mission and vision.

We have enjoyed working with our customers every single day. We thank our customers for having chosen Optinova as your dedicated supplier of advanced tubing. We are inspired by our customers everyday as they show us the extra mile they are willing to go to be a better business partner. We promise to continue improving ourselves sustainably and execute our 50 years of extrusion knowledge to provide you with the highest quality, most sustainable tubing solutions in the market. We wish you all the best and let us stand together to weather the current economic hardship.

From YOUR dedicated team at Optinova




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