Sustainable energy solutions

Optinova fluoropolymer tubing is used in different sustainable energy solutions and within green energy storage. Several new technological applications in this field often relay on the outstanding performance of fluoropolymer tubing rather than using lower quality thermoplastic tubing.

Fluoropolymers are unaffected by touch conditions, such as UV light, very high (+260ºC) and very low temperatures (-200ºC), weather or corrosion so they are the perfect fluid handling solution for all outdoor installations, due to low maintenance and low life cycle cost while sustaining excellent performance without degrading.

Areas of use is wide, they are for example used in wind power plants to handle cooling or transport of hydraulic fluids for critical part in engines or generators, they can also supply the cooling for photovoltaic installations and regenerate energy by exchanging the accumulated heat in smaller tubular heat exchangers.

In addition, fluoropolymer tubing is used in a variety of indoor applications for energy storage and handling, such as in storage solutions for transferring liquids or to transport coolants for Lithium batteries, in electric cars and hybrid vehicles to cool the electric storage and circuits, in charging cables and charging stations and many more.

Optinova is proud to be part of this important transformation to sustainable energy solutions.

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