A second wave looms, Optinova remains ready to supply

A second wave looms, Optinova remains ready to supply

For 50 years, we have maintained our success through transparent and continuous dialogues. As the world braces for the second wave of Covid-19, it is evident that we wish to connect with our business partners. Thus, we publish this press release, as a continuation of the April issue, to clarify our current situation and report on what we have done to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on our businesses.

When the first signs of an infection wave were reported in Europe in early March, Optinova assembled a crisis team. The crisis team has planned and put in place different measures to prevent Covid-19 from entering our facilities. We imposed new hygienic standards across the organization and practiced physical distancing in all of our offices. We have also offered to help local authorities secure large supplies of personal protective equipment, which consequently helps protect the communities that we operate in.

In addition, we have been proactively assessing our operations and gearing up our agility. Due to fear of global lockdowns, we constantly looked at our logistics. We took the opportunity to investigate alternative routes and freight options that could help us become less dependent on certain major cargo hubs. We also looked at our inventory of raw materials and packaging supplies. In March, we were concerned that a shortage would occur. So, we moved quickly with our suppliers to stock up before the situation got out of hand. We now have sufficient supplies to keep our production uninterrupted should the second wave arrive.

Being a reliable supplier for manufacturers of critical medical and industrial components, we understand how important it is that we stay ready when the customers need us. Thanks to effective crisis management efforts, we have so far managed to avoid laying off people. We have been using the excess energy to move at warp-speed and push forward our digitalization and automation efforts.

We are fully aware of the challenges ahead, but we believe we can weather these difficult times by being resourceful, resilient, and adaptive to a changing business landscape. We will continue with our current risk management strategies and remain optimistic that we will overcome these difficulties. We are proud and honored to have earned your trust and be your chosen partner in this turbulent time. We pledge to continue besting ourselves. Until we meet again, we wish you good health and courage to rise above and beyond.


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