Press release: New plant manager in Minneapolis, USA

Optinova Group announces the new VP of Operations, CEO for the Group´s production facilities in Minneapolis, USA. 

Optinova Group is pleased to welcome Brian Esch as the new Vice President of Operations, CEO for the Group´s production facilities in Minneapolis, MN. Brian replaces Drew Richardson, who has taken on new assignments outside Optinova. 

Brian Esch joins Optinova with long term experience from the plastics industry. He has successfully served as plant - and operations manager for both local and international companies, among others he has worked in organizations like Teleflex, Anchor Block Company, and Fiskars. 

We are very happy to get Brian onboard, both for his long experience within plastics industry and production management, as well as for his people-oriented leadership style.” says Anders Wiklund, the CEO of Optinova Group. 

Brian will lead Optinova Groups´ two US-based facilities, located Plymouth and Maple Plain in Minneapolis. He reports directly to Optinova Group´s CEO based in Finland. Brian is also part of the global group management team. 

I am glad to be back within the plastics business again, especially to be able to narrow down the focus on extrusion and secondary operations for medical applications. I have known about Optinova for several years in the industry and the reputation of quality products and customer-centric service. Specifically, I resonate with the #feelgoodfactory way-of-working and that it is an international company based in Finland. I have great experiences from working in similar constellations, so when offered the position, the decision was easy” says Brian Esch. 

The focus is to continue to build the business with the team around quick turnaround extrusions, longer productions runs, and continue to build the state-of-the-art PTFE liner product. This in close cooperation with the local and global customers, the international sales and support team, supplying both the medical device market in the US, as well as Europe and Asia.     

For more info, please contact: 

Anders Wiklund, CEO Optinova Group, 

Brian Esch, VP of Operations, CEO for Plymouth and Maple Plain. 


More info about Optinova Group: 

The Optinova Group is one of the leading global suppliers of advanced tubing solutions for the global medical device industry, as well as fluoropolymer tubing for challenging industrial applications. Optinova is a Finnish company group with manufacturing bases on the Åland Islands in Finland, Minnesota in the USA, and close to Bangkok in Thailand. Optinova has several sales company close to customers, located in US, Europe and Asia. Optinova Group was founded 1971, has 430 employees and +100 extrusion lines.