Optinova's PVdF Tubing

PVdF Tubing

Optinova can supply basically any PVdF tubing in standard or more flexible grade. Inner diameters from 0.40 mm to 110 mm and wall thickness from 0.10 mm to 5 mm are possible. We can make most pigmentations including striped tubing.

This tubing is used in applications like fluid handling, analytic sensors and fiber optics. PVDF tubing is used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, semiconductor, medical, chemical, automotive, fiber optics and marine tanks.

The key advantages are:

• Excellent resistance to creep and fatigue.
• Excellent thermal stability.
• Excellent radiation resistance.
• Commonly used as lining and protective barrier in chemical applications.
• PVdF is virtually unaffected by oxygen, ozone and UV light




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