Optinova's PTFE Zebra (Spiral) Heat Shrink Tubing

Optinova's PTFE Zebra (Spiral) Heat Shrink Tubing

Optinova’s PTFE Zebra (Spiral) heat shrink tubing is used for flexible endoscopic devices by being recovered on a guidewire. The unique color pattern indicates movement of the wire to aid the surgeon during the operation. Thanks to the low friction nature of PTFE, Optinova’s Zebra (Spiral) heat shrink has exceptionally lubricious coating abilities.

We offer shrink ratios of up to 4:1. Optinova’s PTFE Zebra (Spiral) heat shrink tubing can be sterilized using either EtO or Autoclave. PTFE is also an excellent electrical insulator, while covering a wide temperature range from -200°C to +260°C. The recovery temperature is 340°C +/- 5°C and the recovery times vary, depending on the design.

Providing customizable and personalized solutions is Optinova’s trademark, we would be more than happy to tailor our tubing to your business’ specific requirements.

“Over 50 years of experience serving hundreds of long-term partners, Optinova’s reputation for quality and consistency has been an industry standard that we wish to maintain every day.”

Anders Wiklund, CEO


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