Optinova's PFA Tubing

PFA Tubing

Optinova can supply basically any PFA Tubing in standard grade or high purity grade. Inner diameter from 0.40 mm to 110 mm and wall thickness from 0.10 mm to 5 mm are possible. The natural color is translucent/clear but we can make most pigmentations including striped tubing.

The tubing can be fabricated to complicated shapes, convoluted, heatshrinkable and modified with different fillers like carbon, graphite and x-ray contrast media. This tubing is used in applications like fluid handling, semi-conductor, analytic sensors, medical devices and heat exchangers.

The key advantages are:

• Similar properties to PTFE tubing.
• Melt processable – gives longer continuous length than PTFE.
• Higher continuous working temperature compared to FEP.
• PFA is virtually unaffected by oxygen, ozone and UV light. Sterilisaton by ETO or Steam.




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