Optinova's Advanced IV Catheter Tubing TPU/FEP/PTFE

Optinova's Advanced IV Catheter Tubing TPU/FEP/PTFE

Optinova is the proud owner of the most reliable IV Catheter Tubing solutions in the market. Optinova’s IV Catheter OptinfusionTM tubing is made from TPU, FEP and PTFE.

Optinova has developed its own in-house compounding technology to secure the best quality of compounds in various materials. Fillers used in Optinova’s IV Catheter Optinfusion™ tubing  are Barium sulfate (BaSO4), Tungsten and Bismuth subcarbonate.

All Optinova IV tubing is produced in Class 8 cleanroom and certified with ISO 13485 and 9001 quality standards. Optinova is proud to produce tubing with the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Optinova produces clear, multiple-striped and fully radiopaque tubing. Optinova tubing is available in all standard sizes and can also be customized to meet specific customer requirements.


OptinfusionTM IV Catheter Tubing TPU 2.0 Tubing

Optinfusion IVTM  Catheter Tubing TPU 2.0 is made with a size range of 14-26 G. Optinova offers striped tubing with 2-6 stripes which are radiopaque. Barium sulfate (BaSO4) up to 40% is used for filler, yet we can accommodate to customer requests.

Optinova has really exerted our 50 years of material knowledge to skillfully mount TPU in the IVC assembly process. Optinfusion™ IV Catheter Tubing TPU 2.0 is the most reliable, consistent tubing for use in infusion therapy as it softens in vivo.

Optinova tubing is available in all standard sizes and can be configured as cut-to-length pieces or spools.

“At Optinova, we thrive to outperform ourselves every day, especially with the front product lines. OptinfusionTM IV Catheter Tubing TPU 2.0 really is a milestone improvement to our infusion tubing solutions.”

Anders Wiklund, CEO




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