Is Optinova a great place to work?

Is Optinova a great place to work?

As a core part of Optinova’s strive for continuous improvement, we measure employee satisfaction every year using an external, trusted assessor like Great Place to Work. In 2020, our Trust index score hit an all-time high of 82%, the score is up by 12 percentage points from 2019, placing us among the best in the world.

A great place to work…

We have been measuring employee satisfaction for several years by partnering with independent workplace culture institutes. Their annual reports allow us to reflect on the progress of social sustainability within the organization as part of our collective efforts to promote sustainable development. We believe that employees are navigators on our path to becoming the #feelgoodfactory of the industry; by listening to what they have to say, we find ways to make our workplace better every day.

In recent years, we have put a great emphasis on developing a more agile management practice. We incorporate leadership development programs into our weekly coaching sessions as well as regular priority and appraisal meetings, to educate our employees about agile management and self-leadership. By promoting agile ways of working, we encourage everyone to take ownership of the workplace and make timely adjustments to the organization. Agile management not only enables employees to grow to their fullest potential, it also creates a high level of organizational transparency and trust between management and employees. This has resulted in strong feelings of camaraderie across the company. According to the report, 90% of surveyed employees are confident in the safety and friendliness of Optinova’s work environment.

With regards to employer confidence, our in-house initiatives to educate Optinovians about how we “improve the quality of everyday life” with our work, products and services have been key to bringing a sense of pride and meaning to our staff. Being a sustainable player in the highly competitive extrusion industry, having our employees recommend our products and services with pride is truly the greatest recognition. It confirms the personnel’s alignment with the company’s mission and vision for the future of extrusion.

The survey also revealed Optinova’s success in fostering an inclusive workplace. By celebrating diversity, we create a safe environment where our employees trust that there is fair treatment and zero tolerance towards discriminative behavior of any kind. Our inclusive environment allows Optinovians to be bold with who they are and innovative with their solutions. Diversity is one of our biggest assets and a clear competitive advantage that we consider in our decision-making.

We will work harder to be even better…

The Great Place to Work not only gave us a glimpse of our strengths, it also showed us where we can make it even better for our employees. Our history of 50 years working in an ever-changing industry like extrusion has taught us to always keep a young-spirited workforce that is equipped and dare to be ahead of the curve. We have great confidence in our staff, so we set ambitious records to break. We believe our journey of building the greatest place to work has just started and we will continue to better ourselves.


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