Coming soon... The long-awaited Godby Hall 7 Expansion

Optinova Godby Hall 7 Expansion Coming soon

A series of stories about the newest addition to Optinova’s production capacity, Godby Hall 7, is coming soon. The first issue is out tomorrow!

For ones who do not know, Godby Hall 7 is our quest for the world's most modern, advanced and sustainable extrusion hall. Godby Hall 7 is our prompt reaction to a new era dawning on the extrusion industry, an era of automation, big data and sustainability. Having been a trusted global extruder for over 1 000 business partners since 1971, Optinova sees it as our responsiblity to lead the change and get the extrusion industry on board this journey into the future.

Follow us on the development of the Godby Hall 7 project and find out what added values Optinova is bringing to the table.

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