OneOptinova Team

OneOptinova Team consists of 400 employees around the globe, working hard every day to outperform the expectations from our partners. We are located in 3 factories and 10 sales offices strategically close to our markets.

We strive to have a global company culture in which employees and partners feel they belong and are eager to do business. The goal is to be one aligned company. There are, however, local and cultural distinctions, so we don’t try to force everything into a template. A global, high-level “we” feeling is probably the best way to describe OneOptinova.

OneOptinova is also seen in the diversity among Optinova employees, we see it as a competitive advantage. We strive to be inclusive with respect to gender, age, nationality, culture and experience. Diversity is fun and enriching especially in a global organization where the understanding of cultural differences is essential.

OneOptinova is guided under #feelgoodfactory, which translates into our efforts making end users, partners and employees feel good when they deal with our company.


Group Executive Board

  • Daniela Forsgård Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
  • Annette Höglund Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
  • Andreas Perjus Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Anders Wiklund Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Board of Directors

  • Rebecka Eriksson Chairman of the Board, Owner
  • Andreas Remmer Board Member
  • Louise Nicolin Board Member
  • Martin Grauers Board Member

GLOCAL Leadership Style

We want decision to be made as close to the local needs as possible, local empowerment and authority to drive the business along the long-term direction.

Central decisions and directions are only used when there are positive synergies to be made creating even better prerequisites for driving business locally.

Strong self-powered units with close global cooperation in the hunt for great synergy effects.