Decades of advanced tubing

2019 Optinova Group sells its two smallest manufacturing sites, the US-based facilities in Minneapolis, to TE Connectivity. Optinova Group continues to employ more than 400 employees globally.

2016 Optinova Group has 5 manufacturing facilities (2 in Finland, 2 in USA and 1 in Thailand) and 10 sales offices around the world. Optinova employs more than 400 employees globally.

2015 Optinova Group acquires the ScanTube Group.

2014 The Optinova Group HQ is formed in Mariehamn in the Åland Islands. ScanTube in Jomala installs catalytic cleaning for naphtha emissions on the PTFE Lines.

2013 Optinova Production facility established in Maple Plain (MN) USA. Specialized in thin wall PTFE extrusions with tight tolerances. Scantubes factory in Thailand obtained ISO13485 certification and a cleanroom according to ISO14644 was established.

2012 ScanTube HQ moved from Switzerland to Sweden. ScanTube expand the factories in Jomala, Åland and in Thailand. There is an inauguration of the new R&D center at the Optinova premises in Godby.

2011 Optinova Ab acquiered Medicine Lake Extrusion (MLE) in Plymouth (MN) USA, a company specialized in quick turn-around medical tubing in thermoplastics.

2005 The ScanTube factory in Jomala obtained ISO 14001 certification.

2003 The Optinova factory in Godby obtained ISO 9000:2000 and 13485:2003 certifications.

2000 Optinova Ab establishes presence in USA on both the East and West coast. ScanTube builds a new factory in Jomala, Åland and establishes sales offices in Germany and CN, USA.

1999 Scantube in Jomala obtained ISO 9002 certification.

1998 Optinova establishes presence in China.

1996 Optinova in Godby obtained ISO 9002 certification.

1994 Additional Clean Room area is built at Optinova in Godby (1,100 m2). Total factory area 3,300 m2.Manufacturing of braided catheter shafts in Pebax starts up.

1990 Name change from Godby Plast to Optinova Ab with 100 employees. ScanTube starts production in Thailand.

1987 Development of IV-catheter tubing in PU material at Godby Plast in Godby.

1985 ScanTube starts production in Finland as the plant opens in Jomala, Åland Islands.

1982 The first Clean Room area (450 m2) in accordance with US Federal Standards 209 for IV-catheter tubing was built in Godby. The total facility area is 1,850 m2.

1980 The factory in Godby bought the first extruder for thermoplastics.

1976 Factory area in Godby is 1,350 m2 with 20 employees.

1971 Optinova was established by the Swedish company Habia Ab as Godby Plast, Åland Islands (Finland). Materials used in production are PTFE and FEP. The first medical application was IV-catheter tubing.