The Optinova Identity


Optinova [ˈɒptɪnəʊvə] (n)

[1] A Finnish extrusion company founded in the Åland Islands in 1971 with offices around the world and manufacturing bases in Finland and Thailand.

[2] A visionary [Opti] of advanced, novel tubing solutions [nova] that enable business partners to prosper in their core business field.

[3] The world’s one and only #feelgoodfactory.



Optinova is our one and only company brand globally


Quality is our backbone and what we strive for at every single step

Business value

Creating business value through our total product and service package


Outstanding service to our partners, in all interations


We stand by our words, keep our promises and act with high integrity


We are a community of experts with 50 years of global extrusion experience, creating a real and unique advantage.