A Cable Wrap for lunch?

Cable Assemblies – Harness – Bundle 

Multi-Purpose PTFE Tubing Jacket* (in... Read more »

Job Opening in Jomala, Åland

ScanTube Jomala lediganslår ett ordinarie arbete som maskinoperatör till PTFE.

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Job Opening in Godby, Åland

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Arbetsledare till avdelning Termoplast, Godby, Åland

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High Purity PFA

Your mission: Keeping the liquid clean during transport 

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Job Opening

Vi söker, till Optinova Godby, en vikarierande kvalitetsingenjör.

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Steaming hot and under high pressure…

Your daily cup of freshly brewed coffee may be key for you to perform at your best during the day (and... Read more »

Proud Producer of IV Catheter Tubing

Since the early 70´s, Optinova proudly supplies the world’s largest catheter manufacturers with high-... Read more »

Job Opening in Godby

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Laboratorieingenjör till vårt materiallaboratorium i Godby, Åland

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Job Opening in Godby

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Som maskinoperatör arbetar du med tillverkning och/eller... Read more »

Would you like to enhance the performance properties of fluoropolymer tubing?

Fluoropolymers can be optimized using additives and fillers, here follows a few ideas of how tubing... Read more »