• Experienced extrusion partner for advanced tubing solutions

    Advanced tubing solutions

The Optinova Group is one of the leading global suppliers of advanced tubing solutions for the global medical device industry, as well as fluoropolymer tubing for challenging industrial applications. Optinova (incl. ScanTube since 2015) is a Finnish company group with manufacturing bases on the Åland Islands in Finland, Minnesota in the USA, and close to Bangkok in Thailand. The Optinova family encourages you to contact us when you are looking for an experienced extrusion partner for advanced tubing solutions.

Precision extrusion for medical devices and industrial applications.

Explore Materials and Specifications!

Innovating advanced tubing solutions for demanding applications - together - and for the future.

Your partner for fluoropolymer products.

Job Opening in Godby

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Vi söker: Maskinoperatörer

Som maskinoperatör arbetar du med tillverkning och/eller efterbearbetning av slang avsedd för krävande medicinskt bruk. Arbetet ställer krav på precision och... Read more »

Ptfe liner with Etched OD and Etching Services

Optinova´s PTFE Liners with Etched OD and Contract Etching Services

Optinova´s PTFE Liners with Etched OD and Contract Etching Services

• PTFE inner layer with low friction

• Thin wall with etched OD

• Off the shelf product

• Contract etching

• Thickness: .001’’-.006... Read more »

Meet us on February 7-9,2017

Come see us at the MD&M West 2017 in Anaheim Convention Center.

Feel free to drop-in, or reach out beforehand if you wish to schedule a meeting during the show.

We are in booth #1813 on February 7-9, 2017.